Monday, 7 March 2011

splodging continues

Now I've got some more colour inks to play with the fun increases, this is a mix of pink sherbet and butterscotch.  I've found that if you mix the colours on your craft mat and wiggle the card around in them then turn it over and spot some more of the same directly onto the card it gives it a different dimension.  Discovered out of necessity when I didn't slodge to the edges and wanted to fill in :)  I love the stamps from Crafty Individuals and these are two of my new ones.

Next is a card made for my Dad's birthday, so I thought I'd embarrass him and put one of his baby photos on the front!  I hope he likes it.  The little envelope sticking out is from a punch Eileen gave me for Christmas and it has a tiny birthday wish inside.


mustavcoffee said...

Beautiful colours on your first card, love crafty individuals too. Your card for your Dad is magic, I'm sure he will absolutely love it:0) xxx

daisyg said...

Young Tim, I'd recognise him anywhere!


Eileen said...

Melissa, we crafter's have a habit of,in my opinion, over using the word 'stunning' but the first card shown here,is,without a doubt.......'Stunning'!! x Love the one of Tim too! xx

Melissa said...

Many thanks for your kind comments - apparently dad is holding a toy tank and yes he did love it phew!!

Denise said...

The colours go so well together, it's a beautiful card, i shall have to have a go at splogging colours it seems to work well. The idea for your dad is brilliant, the photo reminds me of one of my dad when he was at school. Dee xx