Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oh for more space

Yet again my crafty corner is being used to put bits in whilst other bits of the house are sorted out.  I have my eldest son at home at the moment whilst he has an internship at a law firm in London, so we can't use his room - but having him home is wonderful!  When we all sit round the table together I feel complete again - stupid I know!

I have some new stamps from Indigo Blu that I am itching to get crafting with, but with everything so cramped it makes it quite difficult.  That company was the best find of the year for me, they are only small but their stamps are beautiful for the more "edgy" card - great for men and teenagers - both of which I seem to be surrounded by in abundance, and non of which appreciate all the glitter that seems to spread round the house :)

Anyway - I hope to be blogging some more cards soon - they are being despatched before I have a chance to get them on here at the moment!

I did squeeze in for 5 mins and make this :)

Lots of love to you all

Melissa xx