Thursday, 10 March 2011

no crafting this weekend

There will be an absence of crafting this weekend whilst I and a number of friends (including one husband) be very silly in Oostende :)

I have re-arranged my craft room today to try and make a bit more space and plan to have a few more splodging sessions when I get back! I want to re-do that first one and change the butterfly somehow I think it needs to be a bit more showy, perhaps mica hmmmm... oh well we'll see how the wind takes me when I have another go.  I wish I could be a bit more like Eileen who plans her cards I just tend to throw everything up in the air and see what happens :) although it can be quite exciting!!

Lots of love to you and I'll post next week - oo I could do a scrapbook page of the weekend - oh lord I have a mind like a butterfly!

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