Monday, 25 July 2011


As my new Vagabond hasn't turned up :'-( I've been playing with the enveloboxer today and I really like it.

You can make a 6" square 1" deep  out of one 10.5" card.  The boxes are great for presentation, but these are good if you are being stingy with your card (you need 2 bits for a box) or want to send through the post.

I had to send a  card with a few flowers on it to a friend via post and didn't have a suitable envelope and didn't feel my box making skills would last the distance - so after words with my trusty mentor Eileen ( who had heard of them but not used) I decided to give them a go.

Anyway I've only played a bit with it - but I would definitely give it the thumbs up!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Oh what a time I've had - not being able to get into my craft room because it is so full of "stuff" from No. 1 son in between residences and having rooms decorated to disaster of disaster my Vagabond has broken!! one day the motor just stopped :( Mycraft Store have been brilliant and collected it from me and will deliver a new one when they have it in stock.  I didn't realise how much I use it and what a difference a die cutter makes to you cards.

So I decided to sit in the garden and practice my colouring -I have friends who have been on proper courses and I am getting SO left behind :) anyway there were some free Lilly of the Valley images with a magazine which I have photocopied and played with - I have left a space for the sentiment until I know who wants what for what - but I hope you like them

Love Melissa xx

One last picture - because Betty decided to eat her cushion she had to creep in behind Mack - fortunately he is a deep sleeper - or more tolerant than I thought!!