Friday, 25 March 2011

New Skills


I've been fascinated by the parchment craft demo's on create and craft, and always wanting do have a go at something new, I bought myself some bits and a book and .....

Now I know that it is FULL of mistakes, but even so it was really good fun to do - even sewing on all those little beads - trouble is there is NO WAY I could part with it :)

I've been quite inspired  - I fancy having a go at doing some of the lacy boarders with a stamped image in the middle, if I can find a (simple!) pattern

Anyway - I thought I'd share my first attempt with you xx

Monday, 21 March 2011

Flowers and butterflies

On of my Husbands friends is leaving and he asked me to make them a card - she is on contract so she doesn't have another job to go to so it is a bit difficult.  Inside it says "we wish you luck wherever you land" - I hope she likes it!!

I have finally mastered the butterfly die - I nearly gave up on this, but if I run it through 10 times it seems to work!!!

Isn't this stamp the most adorable you have ever seen!!

I was trying to get a bit of high class elegance here :)

This one was more sploshing around with alcohol inks.  I love these clockwork bits.  It is my attempt at a man type card although my son Chris said that it failed because it had pink on it!!
I hope you are all well in crafty land xxx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

All Cracked UP!


Ever determined to find things out, I discovered (via google!) how to create a crackled effect using basic emulsion paint and 3 parts PVA glue mixed with water!!

Having die cut my tag I painted the PVA/Water mix over it and left it for a min to go tacky, then painted over the emulsion, then dried it with my heat gun and voila!!  The paper curled at first (panic) and then went flat (phew!)

Next I took some distress inks in green and brown and rubbed these over.

I hunted for a suitably "rustic" stamp and printed it on using Stayz on and then painted it in a mix of acrylic and distress inks.

I then mounted it, added a bow and 'tiz done - although I do seem to be covered in a vast amount of paint!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

no crafting this weekend

There will be an absence of crafting this weekend whilst I and a number of friends (including one husband) be very silly in Oostende :)

I have re-arranged my craft room today to try and make a bit more space and plan to have a few more splodging sessions when I get back! I want to re-do that first one and change the butterfly somehow I think it needs to be a bit more showy, perhaps mica hmmmm... oh well we'll see how the wind takes me when I have another go.  I wish I could be a bit more like Eileen who plans her cards I just tend to throw everything up in the air and see what happens :) although it can be quite exciting!!

Lots of love to you and I'll post next week - oo I could do a scrapbook page of the weekend - oh lord I have a mind like a butterfly!

Monday, 7 March 2011

splodging continues

Now I've got some more colour inks to play with the fun increases, this is a mix of pink sherbet and butterscotch.  I've found that if you mix the colours on your craft mat and wiggle the card around in them then turn it over and spot some more of the same directly onto the card it gives it a different dimension.  Discovered out of necessity when I didn't slodge to the edges and wanted to fill in :)  I love the stamps from Crafty Individuals and these are two of my new ones.

Next is a card made for my Dad's birthday, so I thought I'd embarrass him and put one of his baby photos on the front!  I hope he likes it.  The little envelope sticking out is from a punch Eileen gave me for Christmas and it has a tiny birthday wish inside.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011



I love these bright splodgy backgrounds that are achieved with mixing inks - whilst I am waiting for some alcohol inks to arrive to play with those, I had a go with my Adirondaks.  Being bereft of ideas at the moment, I trolled through some mags for inspiration and lo and behold - this appeared!

Although I am tempted to colour the butterfly, I quite like the idea of the reversal of colour so that it is the background that is colourful and the butterfly is monochrome.

Let's see what appears next!!