Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Snatched Time

It always amazes me that with all the time saving gadgets we have there always seems so little time!. I am in an am dram play at the moment so that has taken up a good few evenings, not that I really wanted to do the part but the lady who was dropped out last minuet and I know the director who phoned and said if I didn't do the part the whole play was off - so no pressure then!!  We are half way through and we seem to be making the audience laugh - AND I've remembered all my lines (I hope that I haven't spoken too soon!)

Anyway with that, choosing the next re-decoration project, Chris's ever blossoming Rugby capers I have managed to make a few more cards.  I won't post the Christmas cards I have made in case I spoil some surprises :)

I discovered that one of my embossing folders had a secret panel that lifted up so you could ink up the pattern! the paper is sparkly but it doesn't show that well - it was a really good find.  It was one of those blue ones - cuttlebug I think, anyway they come in a clear perspex card - Eileen knows and will probably tell you all in the comments!

One of the magazines I have had recently had this image as a give away on the front of it.  Not too keen on the image - but I love the sentiment - I may have to use this again!  I cut the Christmas tree and frame  out on  my new bigshot pro.

 With all the dark days I fancied a bit of colour and glamour and this was the result - I hope you like it.

Matthew (number one son) and his girlfriend Jenni are coming to see the play on Friday - can't wait to see my boy again.  I know he is all grown up and independent - but he is still my little boy! Oh what am I going to do when Chris leaves home EEEEK.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just One

 Hi Everyone - It has been manic here decorating has paused but to take up the slack I've been landed with managing the local U15 Rugby Team and be in a local play - am I mad or what - all with chronic back pain!!

That aside the worst part about it all is that I have new toys and no time to play with them.  I made this card recently with some new dies and stamp and it came out quite nicely - I particularly liked the flower in the corner - I think that you'll be seeing a lot more of this :)

I've also been making loads of Christmas tags for pressies - and yes I've already wrapped some up too!

Hope everyone is ok  and love to you all

Melissa xx