Thursday, 17 March 2011

All Cracked UP!


Ever determined to find things out, I discovered (via google!) how to create a crackled effect using basic emulsion paint and 3 parts PVA glue mixed with water!!

Having die cut my tag I painted the PVA/Water mix over it and left it for a min to go tacky, then painted over the emulsion, then dried it with my heat gun and voila!!  The paper curled at first (panic) and then went flat (phew!)

Next I took some distress inks in green and brown and rubbed these over.

I hunted for a suitably "rustic" stamp and printed it on using Stayz on and then painted it in a mix of acrylic and distress inks.

I then mounted it, added a bow and 'tiz done - although I do seem to be covered in a vast amount of paint!


mustavcoffee said...

Lovely, who needs expensive kits? Yours is gorgeous:0) xxx

Eileen said...

Woohoo go girl go !!! Great stuff .... gonna copy .... is that ok?

E xxx

Eileen said...

I will link to you when I do one .... of course xxxx

Melissa said...

Hi Eileen - ooh I'm flattered! no link necessary, I'd just thought I'd share :) It's good fun and creates a fab look.

I only had a peachy colour paint (one of those tester pots) but I really like it.

I had a go on wood, but you need to prep the surface more and also I'd paint it a base colour first (like a pale green).

Anyway it's cheap and easy ... like me :)

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Ah, very nice there Melissa great thing for method learning is you tube.well done you! TFS. thanks for popping over too..
Shaz in Oz.x