Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lavinia Stamps Challenge and an award!

Hi There

Have to be quick because I'm on a train in 10 mins out for the day at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent garden with my friend Gee and then away for the weekend. SO I'm telling you this a day early!1


This is my contribution, can't wait to see yours!! And good luck - there is a £40 prize for the winner!

This one uses a stamp called "Mushrooms"

or this one using "flower fairy"

Oh yes, I've been playing with my gilding flakes and LAVINIA STAMPS of course!!

So sorry, I put these cards up in too much of a hurry and didn't say what I've done!

I used Flitter Glue from Indigo Blu and their gilding flakes.  When you get the flakes empty them into a biggish pot as they expand.  Then you put the glue onto cut n dry sponge and cover the stamp (you’ll need to get the stamp cleaner too!) stamp the image and then I hold the card in the pot of flakes, rub the flakes over and then brush them off, if you buy the starter kit it comes with a rough sponge as well, rub this over the flakes on the image and it slowly re-appears, you want to give it enough of a rub to bring up a shine but don’t go too mad that you take them off!

Be prepared to be covered in flakes and glue – good fun though

Please let me know if I can help any more

The other bit of excitement for me is getting an award from a fellow crafter Wendy I am really over the moon about it! Thanks!

The Liebster Award, given to inspiring new blogs with less than 200 followers.The award is designed to get people to visit, comment and follow new blogs that they might not have come across before.  As I have to think about this (there are SOO many) I'll do my nominations next week after my break

BYEEEE off to be pampered (hard life!)

Melissa xx

Monday, 25 February 2013


Hi All

Oh I am so proud to announce that I have been asked to be one of 6 members of the Lavinia Stamps design team! My head is so big now it won't fit through the door and there is a large smile on my face :)  I just hope that the cards I produce will be up to standard!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Lavinia Stamps  will be launching a "Challenge Blog" on March 1st 2013 with competitions and lots of great new features !!  More details to follow! Watch this space!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Dad's Birthday

Calmly looking at the diary, and realised that Dad's birthday is looming, so it's no good making the pretty pretty cards when I've nothing for him.  Lord knows what present to get him, but at least he'll have this :)

Visible Image

Hi, Just discovered Visible Image stamps - they look fun, especially for difficult teen cards.  Anyway this is my first attempt :) Just hope my boys don't come home with a girl like this!!


Melissa xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Fairy fun

I fancied a bit of colouring at lunch time today, a bit of a relax, this then became me absorbed all afternoon! Fortunately i'd packaged up all my work stuff and could keep an eye on emails and an ear for the phone whilst i crafted. How's that for multi-tasking!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thinking of you

Hi guys, I've made this card today with some new Sheena Douglass stamps!  I've been doing other stuff  but it is all hush hush :)

 I am going to enter it in the Visible Image Spring Challenge blog.  Although these stamps are not theirs, they allow you to enter in other peoples so long as they follow the theme - which I think is very generous of them.  I have just discovered this company and they have some really nice stamps, I am sure that you will see some more of them in the future on my blog, I only have a couple and  I love them!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Monochrome moment

Hi, playing again with my Lavinia Stamps and an embossing folder to get a nice simple card amazingly no sparkle on this one either!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love is in the air!

I thought I should make the old man a card and I've ended up making two, so now I don't know which one to give him :)

Both use Lavinia heart stamps. I die cut a heart and lightly pencilled round it, the followed the outline using the small heart stamps in a couple of colours, the piled up the dies to give dimension, edging each one, then used the single small heart stamp with glossy accents to finish.

The other card I stamped through the negative of the heart from the previous card with the lavinia heart stamps. Love the simplicity of this. I finished it off with a Martha Stewart word die. another idea now - got to go and try it out!!!

Talk later

Melissa xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hi, remember me!

Well now all, well most of the decorating has been done, I can get back into my craft room. As a pressie to myself (another one I hear you cry) i've bought myself a photo studio thing so I will be able to take better pictures rather than balance the cards on my worktop. Also i found the blog app on my Ipad so it is easier to take and upload pictures. That, along with a super secret surprise SHOULD mean that I will update this more regularly.

Anyway, here are a couple of recent cards, I hope you like them :)