Monday, 21 March 2011

Flowers and butterflies

On of my Husbands friends is leaving and he asked me to make them a card - she is on contract so she doesn't have another job to go to so it is a bit difficult.  Inside it says "we wish you luck wherever you land" - I hope she likes it!!

I have finally mastered the butterfly die - I nearly gave up on this, but if I run it through 10 times it seems to work!!!

Isn't this stamp the most adorable you have ever seen!!

I was trying to get a bit of high class elegance here :)

This one was more sploshing around with alcohol inks.  I love these clockwork bits.  It is my attempt at a man type card although my son Chris said that it failed because it had pink on it!!
I hope you are all well in crafty land xxx

1 comment:

Eileen said...

Oh well done on these... I like the tag very much.. The butterfly card is so pretty and the 'Lady' very elegant ...great colours too!

My fav is the last ....the clocks ... a great piece of work nicely balanced .... and pink is the 'in ' colour for blokes!!