Sunday, 2 November 2014

Snow and Sparkle at Lavinia


So after scrubbing brush-gate I thought it best to stick away from household items for a little while, so for the Lavinia Stamps Snow and Sparkle Challenge  I  thought best to stick to crafty items.  However I still wanted to do something different from the norm.  I saw something similar to this in a magazine and as ever is my mantra "I could make that" I had a go!

I used crackle paste at the top and texture past with a hint of gold at the bottom.  Once these were dry I attacked it with some distress ink to get the colour down on the sky and then printed the images onto tissue paper, tore around the edges and glued them down with decopatch glue, otherwise there is no way you could have stamped over such a textured finish.  I then broke out the stickles and glittered it all up, which unfortunately doesn't photograph well - take my word for it, it does twinkle!

... but there again - ever doubtful of my skills, I thought I ought to do something more traditional as well, because this was a bit of a shock to the system even to me - I never to canvases!!  So I also did these two.  This first one was more to show off that Lavinia do some great sentiments as well as images

This second one was because Pauline Butcher makes so many cards with such fantastic colours in them I wanted to have a go - now this is no where near what Pauline does and it is well worth a visit to her blog, she is such a talented lady, but I am building myself up to using such fab colours!!

I hope that there was something here you liked, they area all very different and I can assure you I had hours of fun making them - if only I could learn to photograph sparkle!!

Love to you all


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Don't stand still in THIS house!


The running joke is that if you stand still long enough in this house you will end up decorated! and there is only ONE person to blame for this and that is "Rhedd" herself.

There I was happily making my cards when she encouraged me to broaden my horizons and to look beyond paper.

So when there was a "MUM YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN" bellowed through the house, followed by number two son and a scrubbing brush I can only blame her! "How am I meant to clean my rugby boots with THIS" my answer was, the same way you did before I "got" to it :)  I explained that he was not allergic to florals and NO just because I altered it, it did not mean that i had to clean the boots for him!

Well I bought the brush from Tesco and it had been lurking all sad and ugly by the sink, and then I had an idea that involved a Lavinia designed stencil from Sweet Poppy Stencils a Lavinia bee stamp and some waterproof glue :) now it seems to be a talking point.

This is my entry into this months Rhedds Creative Spirit Challenge

Love to everyone, hope you are happy and well

Melissa xx