Thursday, 11 November 2010

What fun with new stamps!!  I have been making a mixture of both Christmas and non Christmas cards as I am thinking of doing a local fair, although I have not a clue what to charge it should be fun, and a way of me making room :)

With this card, I decoupaged the corset from a set that I already had and added some of the stamps that Eileen gave me.  I mounted it on this beautifully soft backing paper and tore the edges to give it that fluffy girly feel.
I've had this flourish a while and not quite known what to do with it.  I brayered some card and stamped it in the corner, but didn't like the rest of the look of the paper, so I cut it out and there it lay abandoned for a while until I decided that, when turned upside down it looked like a latch to a door?! So continuing the blue and white theme I ended up with this.

Using the same flourish I over printed on the same spot without re-inking and got this effect, which I though was quite elegant, and therefore needed an elegant lady to set it off.

Now on to Christmas with Eileens Stamps - Thank you again so much.

This Santa did take quite a while to colour - but great fun :)

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Eileen said... have been busy ....and great results .... So pleased you like them and are having fun...that's what it's all about ...Xxx