Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New Stamp

YEY! The latest stamp from Little Claire arrived and I've had fun playing with it.  The card they give you to make in the pack is fantastic, but I've had a couple of other ideas :)

I've put some sparkle on her fur trim, but it doesn't show up too much.

I also had a play with some ribbon too! The frame hangs from the ribbon so gives it some separate movement from the picture behind.

It still amazes me how little time it takes to make some of these cards.  Yes some take hours, and yet others are a matter of minuets, especially if you have the idea in your head.

Many of my friends say they don't have time, well I disagree, we all make time for the things we want to do in life and I look at this as time spent purely on myself and no one else.  Yes all my mates will end up fit and beautiful, but they'll come to me for their cards :) - that's my rant over for the day.... I think :)


Eileen said...

I like little Claire too! These are so pretty them and I do agree about the 'me time' we all need it sometimes. Xxx

Shaz in Oz. said...

Love this ribbon work too, Melissa, and we are all different I so agree with you, we all have different priorities, and we generally fit in what we really want to do first. Shaz in Oz.

Melissa said...

I'm just fed up with people going on about "I don't know how you find the time ect.." making me feel lazy that I'm doing this rather than something more useful!!