Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hi - yet more new stamps - this is becoming an obsession! I love these ones so elegant as well as amusing and they give me a chance to play with my pro markers.  I wish I was better at matting and layering, love doing the stamps etc but I am rubbish at mounting them - anyway I hope you like these.

There are some more in the pack I will play with when I get a chance.  xx


Eileen said...

Lovely ladies ...great sentiments ! I have one that says 'Housework can't kill you ....but why take the chance?' xx I think it's great that you are finding so much enjoyment in your 'new' hobby ....never mind how much you spend ... just make sure you hide the receipts! xx

Shaz in Oz. said...

Sooo twenties Melissa! I just love them! my Nanna had gear like this and she looked really good in it too! she was pretty good looking not sure what happened to it as I did not get it!! lol (and incidentally she came from Yorkshire)..Shaz.xx