Monday, 18 April 2011

Playtime never ends!

Hi Guys

We picked up a new car this weekend, so some crafting time was spent driving round in it.  It is fantastic, the most beautiful powder blue and that lovely new car smell.  Chris is on half term and eating me out of house and home but it is nice to have him around, number one son is due back on Thursday just in time for Easter and I can't wait.  There is nothing in the world as nice as having the whole family round the table for dinner!

I'm still playing with the bits I got at the show.  I just LOVE this stamp, this time I used distressed ink for a more vintage affect.

At the show Eileen found the most beautiful flowers, so not to be out done I had to get some myself.  But now they have presented me with somewhat of a problem as I now need to make boxes for them to go in as they won't go in a standard envelope.  This is going to be a leap of faith as I am rubbish at measuring anything - but the card is ordered and I'm giving it a go - failing that I'll get Eileen to make them for me :)

This is a bit of cutsey fun, using a layout I saw in a mag and some lovely papers I have.

 Thanks for looking!!

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Eileen said...

Oh yes ... how pretty are these ... I ADORE the middle one!! Super about the car... and I will always make you some boxes .... A trip to me might be a good idea !! After Our hols?????

Just loving what you are doing xxxx