Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Lavinia Challenge

Hi Everyone

You know when you look at something in the house and think - that's ugly but I need it so it'll have to stay - well I did that with my scrubbing brush :) lovely Eileen thought it might be fun to make a series of them for the challenge - so I did!  I bought them from Tesco and covered them in a chalk based paint, stamped away and glittered and glazed them - great fun. They are all covered in outdoor Modgepodge and so are fully useable, as I have proved with another I made using one of the Lavinia designed stencils from Sweet Poppy designs.

The Lavinia stamps are so versatile you can use them for anything! see what you can do at  The theme is "Any colours you like" so a nice and easy one!

Happy Crafting

Melissa xx


Zoe said...

Wow! These are amazing Melissa, what a fantastic idea xx Zoe xx

janet Fletcher said...

What a good idea they are beautiful !!

Barbara said...

Very, very creative, Meliss, love them....and as I write, I'm looking around for things to paint! haha

GinaA said...

Brilliant Idea, makes housework a nicer thing to do when you use something pretty.

Karen said...

Really lovely Melissa, such an unusual idea. Kx

Eileen said...

LOVE, LOVE, love all of these but MINE is the best one !!
Eileen xxxx