Saturday, 1 November 2014

Don't stand still in THIS house!


The running joke is that if you stand still long enough in this house you will end up decorated! and there is only ONE person to blame for this and that is "Rhedd" herself.

There I was happily making my cards when she encouraged me to broaden my horizons and to look beyond paper.

So when there was a "MUM YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN" bellowed through the house, followed by number two son and a scrubbing brush I can only blame her! "How am I meant to clean my rugby boots with THIS" my answer was, the same way you did before I "got" to it :)  I explained that he was not allergic to florals and NO just because I altered it, it did not mean that i had to clean the boots for him!

Well I bought the brush from Tesco and it had been lurking all sad and ugly by the sink, and then I had an idea that involved a Lavinia designed stencil from Sweet Poppy Stencils a Lavinia bee stamp and some waterproof glue :) now it seems to be a talking point.

This is my entry into this months Rhedds Creative Spirit Challenge

Love to everyone, hope you are happy and well

Melissa xx


Craftychris said...

What a fabulous idea! Who would have thought a scrubbing brush could be so pretty! brilliant! xxx

Sandra Wright said...

A great project and a great post too,lol....xx

crafty creations said...

Wow what a brilliant and ingenious transformation - love it