Thursday, 28 February 2013

Lavinia Stamps Challenge and an award!

Hi There

Have to be quick because I'm on a train in 10 mins out for the day at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent garden with my friend Gee and then away for the weekend. SO I'm telling you this a day early!1


This is my contribution, can't wait to see yours!! And good luck - there is a £40 prize for the winner!

This one uses a stamp called "Mushrooms"

or this one using "flower fairy"

Oh yes, I've been playing with my gilding flakes and LAVINIA STAMPS of course!!

So sorry, I put these cards up in too much of a hurry and didn't say what I've done!

I used Flitter Glue from Indigo Blu and their gilding flakes.  When you get the flakes empty them into a biggish pot as they expand.  Then you put the glue onto cut n dry sponge and cover the stamp (you’ll need to get the stamp cleaner too!) stamp the image and then I hold the card in the pot of flakes, rub the flakes over and then brush them off, if you buy the starter kit it comes with a rough sponge as well, rub this over the flakes on the image and it slowly re-appears, you want to give it enough of a rub to bring up a shine but don’t go too mad that you take them off!

Be prepared to be covered in flakes and glue – good fun though

Please let me know if I can help any more

The other bit of excitement for me is getting an award from a fellow crafter Wendy I am really over the moon about it! Thanks!

The Liebster Award, given to inspiring new blogs with less than 200 followers.The award is designed to get people to visit, comment and follow new blogs that they might not have come across before.  As I have to think about this (there are SOO many) I'll do my nominations next week after my break

BYEEEE off to be pampered (hard life!)

Melissa xx


Craftychris said...

Both cards are gorgeous! I hope you had a nice day and have a lovely weekend. Congratulations on your Liebster award. You deserve it! I was very pleased when I received mine xx

Zoe said...

Hi Melissa congratulations on becoming a DT, stunning projects, love them, I do love gilding flakes, congrats also on your Liebster award, have a lovely break xxx I'm now following you too xxx

Pauline Butcher said...

Fab cards Melissa, with great techniques. Have a super day of pampering. Hugs P xxx

Barbara said...

Very pretty cards Melissa, love the gilding flakes technique. I also love the little toadstool stamp, and have already used it a few times, so versatile. xx

Wendy McCarthy said...

Those gilding flakes are so pretty! Enjoy your break xxx

Karen said...

Love them both Melissa. Hope you are having a great break. Kx