Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pan Pastels


Finally got my craft room back - I think that that is all the upstairs work done on the house now, so no more using it for storage!!

Eileen has been raving about Pan Pastels and having seen the most beautiful results, I thought I'd have a go myself as the colours were just stunning - right up my street - so here they are, my first attempts, I am fascinated at how you can mix the colours and get such subtle shading from one into another ...

You rub them on like chalks and although it has not come out on the pics, you can mix ordinary shimmer chalks with them as well to turn them from a matt to a subtle sheen.

I hope everyone is well, and I can highly recommend giving these a go.


Eileen said...

Oh .... these are fabulous ! I knew you would love them ... I am having the MOST fun time using them .... Super work here ... love the stamps xxxx

Melissa said...

I painted in some of the letters using those mica pigments you gave me for Christmas

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Oh no . . . not you too Melissa! I was having a hard job resisting buying the Pan Pastels when I saw Eileen's wonderful results . . . and now I find YOU raving about them too! I think resistance is futile . . . I'll HAVE to get some! xxx

LOVE what you've made here x

Melissa said...

Thanks Sandra - the great thing is you don't need loads because the colours blend so easily - go on you know you want to :)