Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Snatched Time

It always amazes me that with all the time saving gadgets we have there always seems so little time!. I am in an am dram play at the moment so that has taken up a good few evenings, not that I really wanted to do the part but the lady who was dropped out last minuet and I know the director who phoned and said if I didn't do the part the whole play was off - so no pressure then!!  We are half way through and we seem to be making the audience laugh - AND I've remembered all my lines (I hope that I haven't spoken too soon!)

Anyway with that, choosing the next re-decoration project, Chris's ever blossoming Rugby capers I have managed to make a few more cards.  I won't post the Christmas cards I have made in case I spoil some surprises :)

I discovered that one of my embossing folders had a secret panel that lifted up so you could ink up the pattern! the paper is sparkly but it doesn't show that well - it was a really good find.  It was one of those blue ones - cuttlebug I think, anyway they come in a clear perspex card - Eileen knows and will probably tell you all in the comments!

One of the magazines I have had recently had this image as a give away on the front of it.  Not too keen on the image - but I love the sentiment - I may have to use this again!  I cut the Christmas tree and frame  out on  my new bigshot pro.

 With all the dark days I fancied a bit of colour and glamour and this was the result - I hope you like it.

Matthew (number one son) and his girlfriend Jenni are coming to see the play on Friday - can't wait to see my boy again.  I know he is all grown up and independent - but he is still my little boy! Oh what am I going to do when Chris leaves home EEEEK.


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Melissa, You sound really busy, congrats on your leading role, break a leg ( I hope that's the right thing to say??)Clever you anyway LOL
Three lovely cards here, my favourite is the last. The background is beautifully coloured and that's one elegant lady:0) Thanks for your get well wishes, Gay xxx

Eileen said...

Woohoo Matey ... these are great and thanks fot the tip regarding the embossing folder it's a Xcut Die!... I am gonna give that ago ... Lovely colours,just my thing on the last card. xxx

PS. Melissa is just brilliant in the play,word perfect on the night we went ... and she has a LOT of lines to remember! xxxx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

ah well done you there Melissa on a leading part and well done in it according to the local viewer, Eileen. Pray you keep it up! The embossing folder is a lot like my Cuttlebug plus folder and it has a little flap to emboss but love the way that you have done it sooo nice! love Shaz in oz.x

Dee said...

Hi Melissa, how marvellous for you, I hope everything is going well, from Eileen's comment above it sounds like it. You must be really busy with christmas coming up as well. Your cards are lovely, not sure how you;re managing to fit in crafting as well though.... busy busy... Wish i lived nearer I would come and see you too, I love the theatre. Dee xxx