Friday, 28 October 2011

Here again!!

Eileen has moaned at me for not blogging!! so here I am.  I've been busy decorating the upstairs but we are on the home straight now so all is good - until I pull around one of the downstairs rooms :-) next on the list.  I have been doing a crafty present for Matthew, I don't think he reads this.. but I won't put it on here just in case.  It is taking HOURS and loads more to do so I hope he appreciates it!

The Big Shot Pro is fantastic, no more wasted scraps of paper and such a great range of products to put through it - I can't wait to play a bit more.  Here are a couple of recent play pieces.


MARY B said...

Lovely, Mary x

Eileen said...

Ooooo yes! lovely to see you do as you are told!lol
I love the tags, so pretty. How did you get that effect with the balloons?

E xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Welcome back to blog land Melissa!

Since you have followed me from the beginning (actually it was because of YOUR blog, and Eileen's cos found you through Eileen, that I started, howzat?)
Anyway, I want you specailly to know tomorrow my blog is ONE year old.
Ann also is very special candy on offer as a BIG thank you to all my dear Encouragers - so please look over there tomorrow!
And love your LOTV girl have it myself and surely would love to play with it again! happy renovating. Shaz in oz.x

Melissa said...

HI Guys - the balloons are shaded with pro markers and then I have a "crystal glaze" thingy squirted over the top!! So glad you enjoy your blogging Shaz it is great reading what other people are doing and getting the odd tip or two xxx