Friday, 30 September 2011

OH No not again

The motor on my Vagabond had died a death AGAIN!! where do I go from here :( I had a big shot and the bearings went, the same thing happened to my mate Eileen so I don't want to go that way.  The Grand Calibur won't take the thick dies I have - any one heard anything about the Joy cutter?


Eileen said...

So sorry to hear you have trouble with your Vagabond again .... Ikki did a review of the Joy machine have a look on her blog ... I know she had problems to begin with ... not sure how it is now .. xx

Dee said...

Oh Melissa you're having such bad luck with die cutting machines, let's hope your new big shot pro does the trick, it's amazing how much you miss them isn't it, as they say what you've never had you don't miss, but I couldn't imagine crafting now without my big shot and grand calibur machines. Dee xxx