Monday, 25 July 2011


As my new Vagabond hasn't turned up :'-( I've been playing with the enveloboxer today and I really like it.

You can make a 6" square 1" deep  out of one 10.5" card.  The boxes are great for presentation, but these are good if you are being stingy with your card (you need 2 bits for a box) or want to send through the post.

I had to send a  card with a few flowers on it to a friend via post and didn't have a suitable envelope and didn't feel my box making skills would last the distance - so after words with my trusty mentor Eileen ( who had heard of them but not used) I decided to give them a go.

Anyway I've only played a bit with it - but I would definitely give it the thumbs up!


Eileen said...

Sounds pretty good then ...any new on your Vagabond? .... Watch out for something nice coming your way for tomorrow !!! woohoo

Dee said...

Hi Melissa, I so would like to have a go at boxes but not sure my skills are up to it, would probably make a big hash of it... Eileen ought to start charging for her mentor skills hadn't she... lol.... I wouldn't probably have started blogging without her support
Dee xxx

Melissa said...

Don't tell Eileen that Dee she may take you up on it !! I'd be lost without her xx