Thursday, 2 June 2011


There has been some crafting, but not as much as usual as some chocolate coloured fury thing has taken over!!. I'll post card pics later.

Here are some of my favourite pics so far xx

This is Betty with her step brother Mack and step sister Mable.  Mack is a mizzy old git and won't play but Mable has great fun chasing Betty round the garden!!


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oh Melissa these are so very cute what a bundle, but no doubt very time consuming have fun! love Shaz in oz.x

Eileen said...

Awwwwww soooooooo sweet ( all of them) I would love to give the 'little 'un a cuddle!! How are you doing with the Vagabond?

daisyg said...

Serious posing by all three!

Betty looks a super ball of fun.

We'll have to come around and show Mack how to chase!

Daisy & Holly (on Kendos's computer)!

Melissa said...

Betty had a puppy Giant Schnouser (sp?) to play with. It was at least twice her size but this proved no problem as she happily bopped it on then nose as well as a playful nip. It was like the Benny Hill show in the garden with them chasing each other round - including in the pond!!

The Vagabond is a delight! takes up far less space than the Big Shot, everything seems to go through it and I've had some fun out of it. I must post some more cards soon