Friday, 25 February 2011

Catch up and awards

I hope now that everything is back on track, and my  Husband and I have had the most fantastic holiday in Rome that I can get back to crafting, I have sat there and looked at my bits and bobs so often, but my head has been so full of other rubbish I could not seem to create anything.

Having had this holiday, I thought I would get things going by having a go at Scrapbooking it and I have had a great deal of fun doing it so far, I'll post some pages from it when I've finished.  These are a couple of recent cards - so I think I'm getting there :)

Thanks Dee for your award - it has cheered me up no end!!

Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award

1. I have a husband (Nick) 
2 I also have two brilliant sons Matthew & Christopher
3.I run my own business - nothing to do with crafting!!
4. I have 2 tatty poodles called Mack and Mable
5.I love cooking and entertaining
6. I am the worlds messyest crafter
7. I am a sucker for dark mint chocolate

I don't know 15 Crafters I am afraid but this one has given me so much inspiration she is worth the other 14 names

Eileen Godwin

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Eileen said...

Oh you ...... what a lovely thing to say !! I know things are a bit sad for you at the moment .... but I am so pleased to see such super work .... Never tried scrapbooking but I am looking forward to seeing what you do .... Will the page be pics of your trip to Rome .... soooo jealous of that !!! xxxxx