Saturday, 23 October 2010

23rd October

I've been producing cards like mad!! yesterday I played around with embossing paper with my cuttlebug embossing folder, wiping ink over to bring out the pattern then flip and turn the paper and re-emboss, I love the effect!!

I am really a stamp and brayer lover and this is one of the cards that I am quite proud of

This blog is really just for me to remember what I've done and also the pleasure that I have had out of crafting, I've not done it in this form for very long and so it is a learning curve with more cards being thrown away than saved but it is such good fun :)


Eileen said...

Oh I am so pleased you are blogging ....It is such fun and as you say a fantastic way of keeping a record of what you are doing / have done! You have achieved a remarkable amount in such a short time ...a natural talent if ever I saw one! ...Congratulations. Eileen xx

Kendo said...

My heart goes out to poor old Nick, I suffer in the same way. Cold or burnt dinners edged with Glitter!!

Sharon said...

Well done at your blog it is so very pretty, I like it! One day I am going to do a blog - or so I keep saying but have been stamping since 1992 and dont seem to get around to doing a blog..but will check in on your progress!! came here from Eileen's blog - I love looking at ideas. God bless from, Shaz in Oz.

Melissa said...

Thank you Sharon. Elieen and I are so very different, she carefully plan her cards and they are spectacular, I tend to throw everything up in the air and see where it lands :)

If you do decide on a blog then let me know and I'll follow you. I think it is great to get ideas off one another. I certainly would take it as a great compliment if you based a card on something that I've done :)

I am sure the "Pretty" element is my rebellion in living with a house full of men!!

Shaz said...

hi there Melissa, Well look at this! it is catching all the way over here in Australia, see what you have encouraged me to do!
I started my blog tonight!! here is the link, I do calligraphy as well as cards so that is why there is a dual theme...
not sure about a lot of things yet, so it is rather bald and spare on the scene.
It also looks like there are two bloggers, Shaz and Shaz in Oz but that was because of the mix up with email addresses and had to create another author to get out of it or start all over again...sigh! I never seem to do it simple! anyway hope to post cards tomorrow, am working on one of Eileen brayer designs... but it is half done while I am in here on the computer!!
God bless, Shaz in oz.

Melissa said...

Hi Shaz, I've been on to your blog and added myself as a follower :) it will be nice to see what you do - calligraphy has been one of those things I mean to learn but never do :) lots of love to you and happy crafting!!